My hunger knows no bounds

I love going out to buffets with my family, but I don’t like it when they invite thier friends because then I can’t eat the way I normally do. I usually eat half my body weight, but when others are around I become aware of how much of a pig i am and I don’t get as much food as would i like or enjoy eating it as much. I feel as if I should cover myself with a blanket while I eat so that no one can see the sinful way that I devour my food. I don’t really think that I eat in a disgusting way or anything, but then again I love food so much that I black out when eating so I don’t really know :P. One problem that I do have is that I grab too many napkins. I see others that get like one or two and I get a hundred to try to keep myself clean. I’m so weird I swear :P

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